• The poppy’s presence symbolizes a parasite of the grain goddess Dimitra (Demeter = Ceres). Poppy flowers adorned the statues of the goddess at the Eleusinian Mystery processions.

  • The ancients were well aware of the plant’s hypnotic and narcotic properties. The sons of Hades Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death) held poppies in their hands.
    According to mythology Aphrodite (Venus) will paint the flower with her blood, Dimitra will incorporate it into her sacred plants and Hera (Juno) will adopt the drug for the analgesic support of women in childbirth.

  • Seeds of the plant are used to produce essential oils. The use of the poppy and specifically its seeds as a spice has been known since prehistoric times. Such seeds have been found in excavations at lakeside settlements in Switzerland.

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