• Lavender has numerous therapeutic properties. This is partly due to the very particular composite chemical constitution of its oil, which has antiseptic and healing properties.

    Lavender is a balancing plant. It relieves from stress, lifts melancholy, it is refreshing and soothing.

  • Ancient Lybians and Romans were using it as a bath perfume. It is also known that they used lavender to scent their clothes (they would sew lavender spikes between the lining and the outer fabric).

  • The name of the plant, lavanda, has the same root in all languages. Lavanda in Italian, lavande in French (from the Italian word “lavare = wash”). Also “lavare" comes from the Latin words lavo and luo, which in their turn originate from the Ancient Greek words λούω and λόFω (with the digamma – F – of the Ancient Greek alphabet, which in 403BC was removed from the Ionic and Attic alphabet, but was preserved in the Chaldaic, which was adopted by the Latins and would sound as a light v or f), and which means wash.

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