About us

  • Raw materials straight from nature. Virgin olive oil, seeds – flowers – plants and essential oils compose the “works of our hands”.

  • “Dimitra” soap is made according to the traditional Greek soap making recipe, using only virgin olive oil, in small quantities in order to ensure the product quality. No task in the process of production goes over 80oC, so that the precious components of the olive oil and herbs are not compromised. There has been no testing on animals and no products of animal origin, or anticaking agents and preservatives.

  • Lavenders – Geranium – Rosemary and St. John’s Wort lavishly offer their antiseptic and regenerative properties. Herbs and essential oils are mixed with pure virgin olive oil and come together into "Dimitra" satin soap. Essential oils and herbs used in making "Dimitra" soap have been selected based entirely on their therapeutic and regenerative properties.

  • “Dimitra” soap is made with love and affection. With respect towards both man and nature. We believe and hope that nothing that we do during the preparation, making, cutting and packaging our soaps wears the plants and the environment in any way whatsoever.

  • The entire process is carried out in a cottage industry in Western Greece. “Dimitra” soap is hand-made and the production is limited. In the small workshop, we start working early in the morning, just after dawn, when skies are open so that prayers and wishes reach high.

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